Stakeholders and Managers 4 Hour Bundle

Hours: 4 / Access Length: 180 Days / Delivery: Online, Self-Paced
Retail Price: $249.00

Course Overview:

This is a four (4) course bundle that is intended for individuals that are looking to gain more Stakeholder and Manager skills.

Choose Four Courses from Below:

  • Leading Others Through Change
  • Managing Changing Project Requirements
  • Systems Thinking - How to Solve Problems So They Stay Solved
  • Case Studies in Project Management

Course Outlines:

 Leading Others Through Change

Lesson 1: Explore the Change

  • Why does change fail
  • ACT to lead change
  • Rate yourself

Lesson 2: Activate the Change

  • Clarifying and align the vision and goals
  • Determining readiness 
  • Establish a sense of urgency
  • Create a communication plan

Lesson 3: Create the Plan

  • Gather and analyze data
  • Plan to manage resistance
  • Involve, engage, and motivate others

Lesson 4: Transition the Change

  • Design the implementation
  • Institutionalize the change
  • Evaluate the effort

Lesson 5: Be an Effective Leader

  • Why do people follow leaders?
  • Communicate as you ACT: a tool
  • Tips to manage resistance
  • Gaining commitment 

Lesson 6: Review

  • Action plan
  • Learning summary
 Managing Changing Project Requirements

Lesson 1: Baselining Requirements

  • Starting from the known
  • Requirements validation
  • Characteristics of good requirements
  • Requirements inspection

Lesson 2: Managing Changing Requirements

  • Sources of changing requirements
  • Components of requirements management
  • The change control process
  • Traditional vs. agile processes
  • Prioritization

Lesson 3: Using Traceability

  • The importance of traceability
  • Horizontal vs. vertical traceabiltiy
  • Traceability and ownership

Lesson 4: Conclusion

  • Using software tools
  • Summary
 Systems Thinking - How to Solve Problems So They Stay Solved

Lesson 1: What is Systems Thinking and Why Does it Matter?

  • Systems Thinking Background
  • Comparing Traditional Analysis and Systems Thinking
  • Attributes and Benefits
  • When and How to Use Systems Thinking

Lesson 2: Systems Thinking Language and Tools

  • Key Terms
  • Causal Loop Diagrams
  • Feedback Loops
  • Questions to Guide Implementation of Systems Thinking

Lesson 3: Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Resistance to Change
  • Silo Mentality

Lesson 4: Applying Systems Thinking in the Workplace

  • Encouraging Innovation
  • Improving Productivity
  • Learning How to Learn
  • Refining Your Management and Leadership Skills

Lesson 5: Conclusion

  • Learning Summary
  • Next Steps
 Case Studies in Project Management

Lesson 1: The Heart of Project Work

  • Back to basics
  • Know your stakeholders
  • Exclusions, what are those?
  • The 80/20 principle
  • Project decision making
  • Sidestepping common project estimating errors
  • Multi-tasking is it really more effective?
  • Finishing your project on time

Lesson 2: The Bigger Picture

  • How to succeed on an impossible project
  • The value of a Project Management Office
  • Letting corporate strategy drive project selection
  • The entrepreneurial Project Manager

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**Outlines are subject to change, as courses and materials are updated.**