Project Managers 4 Hour Bundle

Hours: 4 / Access Length: 180 Days / Delivery: Online, Self-Paced
Retail Price: $249.00

Course Overview:

This course will be deactivated on December 4th, 2020.  No further enrollments will be allowed into this course.

This is a four (4) course bundle that is intended for individuals that are looking to gain more Project Manager skills.

Choose Four Courses from Below:

  • Gathering Requirements
  • Managing Smaller Projects
  • Writing Project Requirements
  • Case Studies in Project Management

Course Outlines:

 Gathering Requirements

Lesson 1: Identifying Types of Requirements

  • Defining a requirement
  • Categorizing requirements

Lesson 2: Developing Effective Requirements

  • Iterative requirements gathering
  • Planning the requirements work

Lesson 3: Eliciting Requirements

  • Defining elicitation
  • Elicitation techniques
  • Elicitation questions

Lesson 4: Analyzing Requirements

  • Describing requirements analysis
  • Reviewing requirements attributes
  • Decomposing requirements top down
  • Requirements modeling techniques
  • Assumptions and constraints

Lesson 5: Conclusion

  • Wrapping up
 Managing Smaller Projects

Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Project Management Overview
  • Industry Guidance
  • Standard Project Phases
  • Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Project Constraints

Lesson 2: Launching Projects

  • How projects originate
  • Initiating Phase
  • Kicking off the project
  • Helpful tools

Lesson 3: Planning The Project

  • The planning phase
  • Project work breakdown
  • Estimating and scheduling
  • Adaptive life cycles

Lesson 4: Executing The Project

  • Executing, monitoring and controlling
  • Change management
  • Status reporting

Lesson 5: Closing The Project

  • Project closeout
  • Next Steps
 Writing Project Requirements

Lesson 1: Writing Well-Formed Requirements

  • Writing iterative requirements
  • Managing writing issues

Lesson 2: Structuring and Documenting Content

  • Overview
  • Discussing content elements
  • Discussing structure elements

Lesson 3: Applying Technical Writing Skills

  • Reviewing Essential skills
  • Examining the 12 rules

Lesson 4: Utilizing Style Guides

  • Exploring grammar, diction and style
  • Determining focus words
  • Discussing writing style

Lesson 5: Employing a Requirements Checklist

  • Investigating the value of checklists
  • Examining IEEE checklist components

Lesson 6: Examining Structured Language

  • Distinguishing formal from informal
  • Using structured language

Lesson 7: Conclusion

  • Wrapping up
 Case Studies in Project Management

Lesson 1: The Heart of Project Work

  • Back to basics
  • Know your stakeholders
  • Exclusions, what are those?
  • The 80/20 principle
  • Project decision making
  • Sidestepping common project estimating errors
  • Multi-tasking is it really more effective?
  • Finishing your project on time

Lesson 2: The Bigger Picture

  • How to succeed on an impossible project
  • The value of a Project Management Office
  • Letting corporate strategy drive project selection
  • The entrepreneurial Project Manager

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System Requirements:

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  • Latest Chrome OS
  • Latest Linux Distributions

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  • Courses may require other software that is denoted in the above course outline.

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