Basic Management Skills

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Course Overview:

Understanding how to transition into management is the goal of this course.It presents the skills needed to help you move into a management position along with key strategies to help you understand how to navigate the "management minefield" with ease. Gaining an understanding of how to deal with the pressures from peers and expectations of upper management is a key to being a good manager. Presented are methods for dealing with unruly employees, the role of office politics, and listening techniques that are aimed at helping you understand what your boss is expecting. The impact of effective management on corporate goals and profitability is also be presented. This class is designed to empower your management capabilities.

Students will:
  • identify the roles and responsibilities of a manager.
  • identify the process of active listening.
  • identify skills for hiring and keeping good employees.
  • identify ways to discipline employees.
  • identify skills for building relationships.
  • identify ways to motivate employees.
  • identify the process of performance appraisals.
  • identify time management strategies.
  • identify effective meeting management skills.
  • complete a self-assessment on their new skills.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Getting Started

In this lesson we take a look at the role of manager and the process of you becoming comfortable in your new role.

Lesson 2: Important First Steps

In this lesson we will look at skills that you will use daily in your new position. These include listening, showing appreciation, and building trust.

Lesson 3: Building Your Team

In this lesson we take a look at how to build your team, from hiring to assigning roles.

Lesson 4: Managing the Hard Parts

In this lesson we take a look at some of the less pleasant parts of managing: disciplinging employees, dealing with problem employees, and managing in times of change.

Lesson 5: Building Relationships

In this lesson we take a look at building relationships with employees and other areas of the company.

Lesson 6: Motivating and Encouraging

In this lesson we take a look at getting the most from our employees, from motivating them to encouraging them to be innovative.

Lesson 7: Performance Appraisals

In this lesson we take a look at creating job descriptions, performing job appraisals and setting salary requirements.

Lesson 8: Personal Development

In this lesson we look back at ourselves and our responsibilities to continue personal development.

Lesson 9: Communication Skills

In this lesson we look at communication skills you will need.

Lesson 10: Putting it All Together

In this lesson we will look back at what we have learned and review our new management skills.

All necessary materials are included.

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**Outlines are subject to change, as courses and materials are updated.**